Jonasson and Co Tax Preparation Services

We are a full service tax preparation office here in the Rogue Valley. Our services include business tax return preparation, individual tax return preparation, back income tax filing, IRS representation, tax return problem resolution, payroll, and bookkeeping.


The majority of the work we do is tax preparation/tax return filing.  I strive to make the process as painless as possible with fees that are substantially less than  chain tax services. The wide range of tax issues that I can prepare include timber tax, personal property tax, offer in compromise, audit, installment agreement, EFU property tax maintenance, as well as personal, estate, gift, fiduciary, corporate and partnership returns.


There are many different avenues to defer income and/or expenses to future years which may be beneficial tax-wise based on a forecast or your tax situation and future tax rates.  There are also a variety of ways you can choose for your business to be taxed.  These are a couple of ways that a tax plan can be made that will keep more money in your pocket.


There is a strategy for filing back tax years other than simply filing them each as if it was the current year.  Failing to do this can result in incorrect filing or you paying much more than you are obligated to do.  This has become a large percentage of the returns that I prepare.


When you receive a letter from the IRS or a taxing authority stating that you owe more tax, the majority of the time it includes the absolute worst case scenario with all penalties and interest that MAY apply and no deductions.  In most cases this amount can be drastically reduced or waived if the correct steps are followed and codes stated, depending on the circumstances.  It is in these circumstances that an enrolled agent authorized to represent you before the IRS can be most critical.


Using a professional to keep your books and help with payroll can save tons of time and headache as well as resulting in more accurate tax returns to keep you out of trouble with the IRS.  The fees for these services are surprisingly affordable and well worth turning the job over to somebody who does it for a living.