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Our ultimate goal as a tax consultants/accountants at Jonasson and Co Tax Preparation is to be as efficient as possible in collecting relevant tax information so we can accurately prepare tax returns that will maximize your tax savings. I would like to take a few paragraphs to briefly describe how we strive to reach this goal and our process.

Every client has a different tax situation and personal record keeping routine (or lack there of). Depending on your situation we figure out how to tackle the task of collecting the information and getting it all into a usable format. Over the years we have picked up many avenues to achieve this and easier ways of obtaining missing forms. Once the information is all there, it is our job to use all of our experience and education to accurately prepare the returns taking advantage of all qualifying credits and deductions.

Every year we attend many hours of continuing education classes to stay up to date on changing tax code. I (Forbes) have also been fortunate to be involved with a high volume and very wide range of tax forms and processes. The wide range of tax issues that I can prepare include timber tax, personal property tax, offer in compromise, audit, installment agreement, EFU property tax maintenance, as well as personal, estate, gift, fudiciary, corporate and partnership returns.

Using our  knowledge and all of the tax figures, the tax return is then prepared and later reviewed by a second party. After the review, the return then comes back to me (Forbes) for a final review for accuracy and assessment for any tax planning strategies or advice for the next tax year. At this point we bring the client back in for their own personal review of the return, a signature, and to discuss any strategies or thoughts. You, as our client, are very important to us. We always endeavor to prepare your returns as accurately as possible to ensure that you never pay more tax than is required. Our office follows procedures to make sure that our work is checked for accuracy and quality. We also are available for any tax planning for the clients needs. From our feedback and client base growth we have found this process and ending product to be very appreciated and desirable. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions.


Tax Preparation

The majority of the work we do is tax return preparation.  We strive to make the process as painless as possible and our fees are substantially less than the chain tax services. The wide range of tax issues that we can prepare include timber tax, personal property tax, offer in compromise, audit, installment agreement, EFU property tax maintenance, as well as personal, estate, gift, fiduciary, […]

Tax Planning

There are many different avenues to defer income and/or expenses to future years which may be beneficial taxwise based on a forecast or your tax situation and future tax rates.  There are also a variety of ways you can choose for your business to be taxed.  These are a couple of ways that a tax plan can be made that will keep more money in […]

Back Tax Filing

There is a strategy for filing back income taxes for years other than simply filing them each as if it was the current year.  Failing to do this can result in incorrect filing or you paying much more than you are obligated to pay.  This has become a large percentage of the returns that I prepare. Contact us today to get started!

Tax Problem Resolution and IRS Representation

When you receive a letter from the IRS or a taxing authority stating that you owe more tax, the majority of the time it includes the absolute worst case scenario with all penalties and interest that MAY apply and no deductions.  In most cases this amount can be drastically reduced or waived if the correct steps are followed and codes stated.  It is in these […]

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2018 Tax Law Changes

As many of you know there are many changes on the horizon with the new tax bill. We will do our best to keep you apprised of changes to come but please note that this is a major overhaul of the tax code. Click here to read a short overview of a few items. The following link will take you to the Congressional website of the […]

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20% Friend Referral Discount

I want to thank all of my clients for their trust and confidence in our office by referring new clients this year. All existing clients and referred clients will be receiving a 20% discount off of their tax preparation fees. Thank you!

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IRS could delay 2015 refunds

If you are preparing  your own return this year there is a NEW section for putting in your drivers license information.  The software that I have seen doesn’t ask you to do this  and you are allowed to file without it. If you e-file the return without the drivers license info and you have a refund, when you get your refund will be delayed, so […]

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